Friday, October 29, 2010

the good the bad and well... the ugly


Hello everyone, thanks for hanging in there and still stopping by to see what's going on. I've had a mad week of the good, Jorge and I had dinner on Tuesday night at my all time favorite restaurant of the moment Thermidor (and most likely much longer as I adore Neil and Bruce) and then we spent all day Wednesday just cavorting around the city to all the places I haven't had time to see and check out. Some obvious like the gorgeous Prairie Collective above and others like Coup D'Etat a place I've been meaning to visit but have passed by repeatedly telling myself "I must check out that space" and then never doing so. 

the bad... let's just say I keep trying to push things forward and I keep getting the push back. Hopefully next week delivers some answers (sorry for being so cryptic)

and the ugly... last night while I finally made it to bed at a decent hour. (It's been months) the mister woke me up again to deliver the news that our light fixtures were creating their own showers (aka our kitchen is flooding from our neighbors above) I had left my laptop and Wacom tablet on the kitchen table directly underneath this water producing light fixture. It has yet to show any signs of life. sigh...

So Happy Friday and Happy Halloween everyone and see you next week. xoxo K


Vivi said...

That is awful...I am sorry about the horrible-leaking fixture. It reminds me of the 'Sex and the City' episode when Carrie is frantic because her laptop crashed...not the same case, but I can picture you just as agitated.
Kys..kys from Montreal. I send you good vibes...

K said...

A little maddening and most likely setting me back a week. All I can say is thank goodness it is not my main computer. And back-up back-up back-up all your files!

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