Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Surprise


I usually don't share our space on here and when I do it's small vignettes. As much as I love to peer into others homes I've been a bit shy about showing my own. So here's your chance to see what our place looks like. (Well a small part of it anyway) We were so flattered to be chosen to be part of 7x7's design issue. A big thanks go out to Leilani and team!

I thought I was going to have to wait nearly another month before I could share this with you but I was pleasantly surprised by Leilani earlier this week. I didn't post earlier because I couldn't get my hands on a hard copy as they weren't in the newsstands just yet. This one I had to borrow from my generous neighbor. Thanks neighbor! ;)

It's a great issue! I highly recommend getting your hands on one. Besides the Small Stakes piece (above), there are are great views into Bar Agricole, a guide to local flea's, and an stellar medical marijuana shop that I will most definitely be posting about right before voting day;)

And for those not living in the Bay Area, I have not seen a digital link as of yet but I will update when I do. 
Leilani just forwarded me a link just go HERE. Thanks Leilani xo (and for those not in the know, just click on the pages to enlarge them;)

UPDATE: 7x7 finally posted to their site as well.

All photography by the ever talented Jen Siska. Thanks Jen!


theue said...


what a beautiful you, other half and abode!

K said...

Aah Thanks Theue!

silvia said...

very nice! i love your space. :)

simplyolive said...

this is awesome...
love your place!

ps: i will be in town interviewing the beginning of Nov!! :)

K said...

thanks Silvia! See you soon Tracy;)

Kate said...

Your home looks lovely. You have some great pieces!

Michelle said...

So pretty.

sfgirlbybay said...

looks fab kelly! congratulations!

K said...

Yea! Thanks Victoria,Kate, & Michelle

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