Thursday, October 7, 2010


BD03At dinner last night (with our Misters) Celia and I were discussing birthday celebrations and how we like them. Since mine is in December I've always wished I could postpone it to 6 months later so I can have a proper celebration but I had to admit that I would chicken out anyway. As much as I love the thought of a big bash for my birthday, I quickly realize THAT means having all that attention focused on me and THAT kind of freaks me out. This uncomfortableness with any spotlight, hell a flashlight, was the biggest reason we did such a small city hall wedding. 

Celia on the other hand couldn't disagree more saying... "I think its one of the best holidays of the year and a day that is all about me!" I almost fell out of my chair with laughter. I loved how different our responses are and I couldn't help but wish for a smidgen of that devil may care attitude. I could on the other hand see the possibility of a small dinner gathering with a few good friends and these gorgeous pennants hung from every doorway (from hearblack) I love that they had fun with the invites too.

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Celia said...

i will say that i definitely felt a bit uncomfortable at my wedding... but NEVER on my birthday for some reason. seriously, it's your own personal holiday. ;)

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