Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nervous System


I feel like most days I'm pretty self aware. Usually way more then I ever care to be. This past Friday I was a bit surprised by myself. The Mister and I went to an opening at Rare Device, for two reasons. One was that we were picking up our anniversary gift to each other, (a piece by Leah Giberson) and two because we were intrigued once again by what Rare Device was showing. I was immediately drawn to the display by Nervous System... and at the same time I was completely unaware that I was drawn to their work before. 

The mister mentioned that the bracelet above looked similar to the necklace I'd picked up at the ICFF a couple of years ago. Jesse mentioned that that was by them too. Well, there you go I am obviously drawn to a certain aesthetic. I mentioned this tidbit to Rena when I picked the bracelet up and she shared that she often sees people pick up things on opposite sides of the shop by the same designer and have no clue that they have been drawn in by that designer's aesthetic. Interesting no? I'm so intrigued by our subconscious behaviors. 

Well, either way the captivating work above is by Nervous System, founded in 2007 by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. Their work reminds me of a more youthful, and high-tech version of another favorite of mine. Ted Muehling
Also, if you are into this kind of exploration check out the tools section. How generous of them.Love!

p.s. all photos from Nervous System

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