Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Palm Springs - Ace Hotel - Part Un


So I up and disappeared on you all. Forgive me. I was planning on doing a few posts as I went along on this trip but I had a few hiccups with drivers and wifi etc. that was driving me bonkers and therefore I decided I would just wait until I returned so I could actually enjoy Palm Springs and our dear friends most amazing wedding. The Mister and I decided to stay at a few locations since we hadn't been to Palm Springs before (I had been once but it was quick and a long time ago) and thus allowing me to do a little research and exploration while I was in town. First stop was the Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

I couldn't help but geek on every detail. The fire escape route posters, the vintage office accessories, the 'not now' to hang on the door to procure a little privacy, the 'make fire' on the switch to the the outdoor fire place. The feeling you were on the inside of a cabana or tent was such a lovely touch as was the hand screened bedcover. There were the less obvious details as well like the pattern used on the entry gates to the rooms/patios, after all they could have used a typical 2X wood gate for (most likely) exactly the same cost but they put a little more love and thought into it then that.

There were also the little notes on the turntable reminding you to please be careful with the needle and a little stickers to let you know that the vinyl was courtesy of Amoeba Records. I think it is okay to ask guests to be respectful if you ask nicely and another great collaboration with Amoeba Records.  And of course the large shampoo and conditioner bottles are a nice change of pace and a greener choice as well.

 We both agreed that our stay was so different then any place we had been before. It didn't feel formulaic but fresh and most of all FUN! You could tell that the designers and artisans really had a ball pulling this place together. Well, that is all for today kids, mostly because I need to refocus on work and haven't had time to make my way through all the photographs so we'll finish this post up tomorrow. xo


Kate said...

Love the Ace so much. I've stayed at the Seattle & Portland locations and they're my favorite hotel experiences by far. The attention to detail is so dang amazing. It's less like a hotel and more like apartment swapping. I reeeally hope I can visit the Palm Springs one someday!

Celia said...

next time you go on vacation, do you think you can tuck me in your suitcase? said...

Amazing pics! I hope to see more from the other hotels! So good to see you this past weekend. I want to be in Palm Springs still!

K said...

I hear you Kate!

Celia, that's getting more and more difficult non? But we'll find a way.

And Megan I hear you... yesterday was great to be home and today is please send me back.xo

Celia said...

YES. yes it is. :(

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