Friday, September 24, 2010

Palm Springs - Ace Hotel - Part Trois


Delicious steel letters, tile murals expertly crafted, fantastic signage, free bicycles, lounging by the pool, more great tile work and signage, funny pool rules, and a map I can barely read but it sure is pretty;) 

All in all a pretty delightful visit, with the first night sending the mister and I back to our early youth when all the neighborhood kids came out to see the one woman band Smile Now Cry Later. All the kids were so young it reminded me when I couldn't get into bars but my older friend could. We would do the lick em stick em trick. She would go in and get a stamp on her hand then come back out lick the stamp and restamp it on to my hand and then we would both go in together. Did any of you ever do this?

The one thing that would have put our stay over the top is great service. Don't get me wrong I didn't go expecting to be wooed and wowed in this arena, I clearly went to experience the place and space but it sure would have sealed the deal if I didn't have to chase down servers and if the servers actually had some knowledge of the menu.  I mean the guidelines, and backbone are all there just a wee bit more care and training would set it straight. Alright kids on to new places next post. xox Happy Weekend. 

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