Thursday, September 23, 2010

Palm Springs - Ace Hotel - Part Deux


The lobby and the cafe were killing it. When that gal walked in, in the most perfect dress I really couldn't believe it. The custom shelving, the coffee table/crates by Commune. Who doesn't love a photo booth?! The amazing macrame draped across the facade windows. The hand painted signage as you walk in the front door. And that amazing elephant hanging in the dining room. Okay Ace, we get it... you've thought of nearly everything. 

Update: Oh and just a quick couple of photos of the bar lights in the Amigo Room that I was so smitten with but forgot to take a picture of. (but noticed that remodelista hadn't) I really love how dead simple they are conceptually but also have me wondering just how are they really created? How do you weave wire mesh? I guess I'll have to inquire with Robert Lewis but, first I'll have to find him.  


silvia said...

i love the elephant. i thought the girl in the first photo was you! :)

jamie said...

man those two leather chairs in the lobby??? i *need* one.

also i need two of the pool cushions to use a dog beds.

K said...

Thanks Silvia!

And Jaime I so hear that! Those chairs are awesome, the absolute perfect patina.

ccslovehate said...

I really hope that's not a real elephant trophy.

K said...

Ha! No that would be a bit too much wouldn't it, ccs. It's some type of weave/burlap, craziness that I've never seen before.

agnes szucs said...


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