Wednesday, September 29, 2010

studio one11

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The Mister and I couldn't leave Palm Springs and not check out the famed mid-century shops. The Design Sponge guide was a great help. But also a few recommendations from friends and a magazine or two added to our list. Most are all within the same few blocks and we would have gladly walked to them all if it hadn't been 108 to 110 nearly everyday. Those temperatures are really only good for one thing, lying by the pool.

The shop that blew me away was Studio one11. I haven't seen a shop with such an impressive and broad selection of works. Sergio Rodrigues, Stan Bitters, that stunning clay relief on the wall, the tapestry that reminded me of the works in this book, (sorry I can't remember the name of the artist Update: David just reminded me it is by Edith Zimmer) ceramic pieces by local artists, one offs and unique pieces.  The extravagant, the quirky, the rare, and the classic all together and beautifully curated.

We picked up one of the Josh Herman's apple bottles (shown in the final photo) with their absorbing textural quality. This quality is achieved through a volcanic glaze that Josh has taken upon himself to perfect and make his own. A really lovely memento of the trip. 

Also as a side note I really enjoyed... 
Dazzles - while I wasn't into the period furniture and accessories, I was into the jewelry! One of the best collections of costume jewelry I've ever seen. I could spend weeks in here and not see everything. And I took home a couple gems.


jamie said...

oh that ceramist is a san diego local and i have been eyeing his work longingly for some time...

K said...

Oh I love that you love him too! Of course you do;)


i love to go in there and look. they have the best stuff at the craziest prices.

i've never bought anything but have really wished i could.

isn't Dazzles ridiculous!

s said...

oh my...the eye candy.

K said...

I hear you about the prices they aren't really in my pocketbook range either but gorgeous wonderful stuff!

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