Monday, September 27, 2010

Frey House II


So you all remember that I did a drawing of the Frey House for a welcome tote for my good friends wedding, right. Well, I arranged for us to visit the home, that is, if they had enough time to spare with setting up and preparing for the celebration of a century. (It really was) Turns out they could eek out just an hour or so. I just had to find out where it was located. Would you believe just by coincidence it was literally straight up the mountainside from where the wedding was held. You could see it from nearly every angle on the property. 

We had the great fortune of having Don Gonzales as our guide. He knew Albert Frey personally through his mom, he even had dinner up there with him on a few occasions.  You could feel the personal connection between Don and the house and he had some charming stories for us as well. Like for instance did you know Albert Frey was a yogi? Apparently you could always see his feet in the air from the basin below. Love it!

In case you are interested the Frey House II (photos above) is available for viewing for architecture students (free) and architects (for a fee). You just have to contact the Palm Springs Museum. Not and architect or a student? Find a friend who is and rope them into taking you. It truly is a must see it in person experience. There are just so many details and viewpoints that you miss with photographs. And your entrance fee goes directly to the up keep of the house. It is also available as a shooting location for what we all thought was a very reasonable fee. 

Thanks Again Don!


Kate said...

Wow, must have been amazing to go and have a look around! Really neat that students are able to do that. Such great inspiration.


Great post and shots. I was lucky enough to see the house a few years ago, amazing....

K said...

@Kate- it really was especially since I went as a student and then we built a 1:1 model of the home.

@Mondo thanks;) That means alot coming from you. I love your eye. I'm curious how you came to see the house.

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