Monday, September 13, 2010

Bar Agricole


The mister and I overheard a gal at Thermidor talking about a new bar that will only be serving delicious cocktails made from non-industrial spirits. Trying to take us back not only to pre-prohibition elixirs but how you might have some across the spirit back in that time period as well. Non-industrial processes, no additives, small batches. We've seen this revolutionize our food but we haven't really seen it in in our drink. Being the cocktail lovers we are, we of course had to stop in to try a couple at Bar Agricole.

To my surprise there was as much care with the design as there was the libations. I then found out that Aidlin Darling had a bit to do with it. Of course, now it all makes sense. I don't think I've seen a project of theirs that I haven't liked. I couldn't find anything about the artisans on the Bar Agricole website (psst hello restaurant owners, a little request here, a little something about the designers/artisans sure would be nice to see. Us, die-hards will of course find out somehow but it would be nice to see a little love from you too. It doesn't have to be front and center just a little blip in the contact section or something;) 

The sick light fixtures over the dining area (by whom?), I wasn't so sure about the glass sculptures until the light began to recede outside and they began to sparkle, catching a bit of their windblown upskirt cheekiness. (By Nikolas Weinstein)What I wouldn't do for a couple of those concrete booths. (Concrete Works, Oakland) And I really can't wait for that exterior garden to open. Another rare outside space in San Francisco, is really something to celebrate. Overall an elegant and comfortable space I'll be returning to.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, the light installation is by Nikolas Weinstein, I belive( I only know because our office had a happy hour event in their mission glass studio. Huge shop space with great big kilns for large scale installations and stuff.

gi. said...

concrete: concrete works oakland, the banquettes are actually concrete, so lovely
metal: chris french metal

p.s. my hubby worked on this project it was so nice to come across someone who cares to know the artisans that made it happen. yummy cocktails huh.


K said...

Thanks you two. I love that I'm getting information from readers;)

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