Monday, August 30, 2010

Why deny yourself


Something you want? A smidgen of Mad Men for ya. I loved that episode that Don ends up in Palm springs. That isn't this the house of course but, with all the ladies around you would think Don should be over any minute now. 

Well, this one just fell into my lap with all my Palm Springs minded searches lately, I came across some new/old photographs of the Raymond Loewy home designed by Albert Frey. This was my second choice for the illustration I did below but all the photographs captured the views mostly from the house looking out, and the one that didn't you really couldn't get an idea what the home truly looked like from the exterior. Of course this is the point of living in a modern abode in Palm Springs. The view!

These photos seemed to be focused on the girls, I can't say I blame them. And what about that floozy living next door with her top off. Scandalous! The swim suits are amazing and are quite close to the suit I just purchased for my trip. Don't worry Katia I plan on wearing my top;)

photos via here


Kate said...

Gorgeous photos. I want to go there!

theue said...

nice finds!

Celia said...

i've NEVER been able to bring myself to go topless. even in spain, where NOBODY cares. now, i guess, i'll have a good excuse to always keep the top on. ;)

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