Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Starting a collection...


I feel the dining table is such a special place, a place you gather with your loved ones and share your day. Growing up we always had to have dinner together every night. It's a tradition I like to keep so that the mister and I always have that time together. Time to catch up and share our day, good, bad or ugly.  

I've always wanted a table filled with a multitude of different chairs so I've started a collection over on pinterest. I am curious though what you dine on? Something iconic? Something vintage? Something your grandmother gave you? We had a pair of Eames DCW's but a friend laughed so hard he separated them from their shock-mounts. (He was also on the bigger side) So I would prefer something not as fragile this time around.

By the way I've got a few invites to pinterest. Anyone interested? Email me and make sure to give me your email. 


theue said...

unfortunately function rules - southwestern-ish bench table combo made from desert wood. bulky, awkward, big holes where crumbs get caught. but it has the communal thing forcing everyone to be together as we break the bread and eat the pasta!

K said...

love it. funny we had a bench on one side too when we were growing up.

K said...

I'm posting this on behalf of my friend Brandee b/c I thought it was a lovely response...

mom said dad was going to custom build our dining table, ( we were a family of 8 growing up), but dad was always super busy working so mom went out and bought a table of good wood and 6 chairs. She found a couple of random chairs to sit at ...the "king" and "queens" seats, to make it work for all 8 of us which was a very infrequent occurrence at our dining table. Life and times and many moves happened. My little sister had the set in her house first and now it's in mine. It's not Danish mid cen, but I can't part w/ it. I dine on wooden chairs from the 80's that have had the seat cushions recovered many a times:)

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