Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A little late

LV01 the party today. I have been diligently transforming my Mac into a sometimes Windows environment. (Not Fun!) and uploading such things as Autocad and Revit. Apparently these are the programs most architects have been using all this time (I kid) but I've been using Archicad since school and have got to get my butt in line to make myself more... well you know. I won't bore you.

I'm sure you all have seen these already but I thought it might be fun to post them since I missed my Madmen inspired post this Sunday while I was out doing some anniversary gallivanting. What do you think of having a Madmen post on Sundays? Could be fun no? And it doesn't have to be fashion, it can be anything design related. If you have any suggestions or have seen anything along the way that seems to be Madmen inspired send it along.

Speaking of Mad Men did you see Porter in last Sunday's show. If you've got to lose to someone might as well be this gal.

By the way, do you think that the show is the sole inspiration for such inspired looks? Or are we suffering as a society something akin to overcasualization. (there I go making up words again)

Also, some wise words of advice from someone in the know about the way you should present yourself.


Vivi said...

K, I like the Mad Men Sunday post idea...I will start tomorrow.

ashley said...

I am wondering too what the impact of mad men is on the explosion of retro looks right now. But I LOVE it.

Joanna Goddard said...

these are beautiful!

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