Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dames I Fancy


I remember wanting an entire wall filled with female deities since they seemed so foreign and enchanting to me with my Christian upbringing. As I grew older I searched for a female mentor... I'm still looking for her but I've put less importance on the one and more on the many. Learning what each woman in my life has to offer seems like a more plausible relationship. Regardless, I still gravitate towards those icons in our culture that have shown us there is a different way to be, to grow, to experience. Perhaps a wall of these ladies to be reminded of what can be done when you energy is low and you think you can't make it to the next step, level, chapter of life.

This grouping was put together by my very good friend Viviana. When we first met I knew she was one of the ones (I'm pretty sure she thought otherwise) but I can be forward and moving nearly my entire life taught me to be a good judge of character. (most of the time) Check out the rest of her Enchanting and Inspiring women. She is much better at this Pinterest business then I am. I'm also enjoying watching the process of the old Tire Shop being turned into Viv and Mark's home.  She has included me in there... I'm not so sure I'm worthy. But I'll say thank-you because I'm learning how to do that too. Love you Viv!


ashley said...

defintely think a wall of inspiring women is a fabulous idea, and in my mind, the more the merrier as far as inspiring women role models go. I love this!

Celia said...

this idea is all sorts of awesome... i just might have to steal it. ;)

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