Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chris Dent


I came across these while perusing art department's illustration pages, which I thought of after I received numeral uno of the original wallpaper* via ebay, on Monday. (the only one I was missing of the early issues) That mag was really just so amazing in so many ways. I came across it while still in high school and was just blown away. There wasn't much culture happening in South Florida and it was my window to all things design. I mean hello we are talking about pre-internet era here. I carried it with me everywhere. I'm pretty sure it single-handedly brought illustration back. It brought modern architecture and design to a ever wider sphere of influence. Which I think is important in the realm of design, the more everyday folk know about good design the more informed your potential clients are. Which let me tell you is huge people, huge!

Okay off that tangent...
I was drawn to Chris Dent's work for the obvious reasons. The top two were among my faves in his portfolio but the bottom illustration had me giggling. So true!
That, and I've been wanting to do an illustration along similar lines only LA to SF for the front page of my portfolio site. I just haven't wrapped my head around it yet. Thoughts?

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ghost chair said...

great illustrations and spectacular use of color!

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