Monday, August 23, 2010

Brazil Represent


Sometimes I feel as if most of my really close friends and family are strung so far across the globe, it hurts.  I'll create imaginary dinner parties where I can have those special people by my side all at the same time. But, it can be a real bummer when you just need some love, a hug, or just some fun times together, imaginary dinner parties do not help in this arena. 

There is an upside to this predicament... You have the best guides ever to far away locals. And as much as I love traveling, and discovering things on my own, I also love all the places you would never find on your own no matter how hard you tried. 

And while I'm not traveling currently because my budget has been seriously wounded due to what this lovely recession has done to all of us architects. (and of course many many other professions) I can keep my kip up with these virtual travels. My darling friend Jorge, just forwarded me this link to Quarto & Sala out of Sao Paulo. And you must know about my love affair with Brazil by now, no? If not, please wander at your leisure... here, here, here, and  here. Quarto & Sala are just feeding that love and I thank them all the more for it, because perhaps it will get me to return sooner. 

p.s. I am surprised by my love of that sea-foam green wall above. 
p.p.s. I really want to paint my walls gray or black!!!!


Caroline said...

Quarto & Sala is a GREAT site. I feel like I'm travelling just browsing it. Have you been to Brazil?

Red Glasses

K said...

oh yes, about 3 years ago now. I can't believe its been that long.

Celia said...

i want the leather sofa, and the green tiles. please.

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