Monday, July 26, 2010


Architectural renderings can be a true art form. One that has been made less so, in my humble opinion, with the advent of computer software. It may make certain structures better explored before construction, or make some of Gehry's buildings possible but rarely are the renderings as effective or elegant.

Workstead's renderings stopped me in my tracks. They seem to be the perfect balance of hand and computer. I'm not sure which software or plug-ins were used, if there were any used at all. Could they be hand drawn with some photoshop work? Either way they are ones to emulate. 

Update: Robert emailed me and let me know... It is the latter, hand drawn with some site photography overlaid in photoshop. Beautiful!


DelLatitude said...

I could look at renderings like these for hours...very beautiful.

Perhaps it's something about activating the imagination that draws the viewer in and creates magic. Though computer renderings can be quite slick, they don't always elicit that response. Maybe it's a personal preference, or maybe it depends on the image?

K said...

Hi Della so nice to hear from you. How are you?

DelLatitude said...

I'm doing well - enjoying your blog!

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