Tuesday, July 20, 2010

handful of salt

I've been visiting every now and again handful of salt... who knows how I found them, you know how these things go. What I do know is how difficult it is to find good people who really care about their work. They are rare and hard to find amongst the many cabinet makers, wood workers, contractors, and any other consultant/artisan you might work with in this business so seeing handful of salt begin to collect all these wonderful people in one place is pretty exciting, not to mention helpful and useful. The bonus is you get to see their studio spaces and where they do their work. 

The work above is by the ever talented Matt Bear. I love a clean line! 


Kate said...

I love that name

Regina said...

Hey there, it's Regina from Handful of Salt--thank you so much for the compliment! We love what we do and we love the people we cover. So...keep checking back, and let us know who YOU think we should be including (we love your sensibility--gorgeous, fun, thoughtful blog!) In fact, we'll be adding you to our blogroll.

K said...

Hey thanks Regina! My pleasure. I'm sure I could pull out a name or two. I'll think about it. xo

Me too Kate!

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