Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Habitats and Picnics

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday (those in the U.S. of course) The Mister and I went to the Presidio the day after the 4th (specifically to avoid crowds and that silly colored fog;) for a picnic to test out the new wares from Mom. A lovely picnic basket and a quilt she made for us.

And to check out a new exhibit, Habitats. An invite only competition to bring attention to all the critters that share our environment. You may or may not remember the sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy awhile ago. This is a similar venture and one that I can really get into.

If you have some time I urge you to go see the work... it's a bit like a lovely treasure hunt.

Above you see (left to right and top to bottom)
Winged Wisdom by Philippe Becker Design
Animal Estates, Snag Tower by Fritz Haeg
Western Screech Owl Habitats by Al Weiwei
Patience by Jensen Architects
and the Exhibition Pavilion by Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects

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ashley said...

I love the presidio and this looks AMAZING! and even better that it will be up for a whole year?!?!? maybe I can check it out over the holidays... lovely!

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