Monday, June 7, 2010

SIDIM - part un

Finally, I'm able to get you some highlights of SIDIM. These were some of my personal favorites. Molo, of course, is always a favorite. I'm sure most of you are familiar with their paper construction designs. What was so delightful about this years presentation was this show utilized their construction to set up quite a few of the presentation areas for the exhibitors, so there was Molo nearly everywhere you turned. And I also had a chance to meet the charming Stephanie Forsythe one of the designers behind Molo. 
Below Molo is Toy Toy and ingenious idea utilizing cardboard to create furniture and accessories for little ones. I can't help but hope they develop some play houses and environments too like these kids already have.
The roof slate blackboards caught my eye and was pleasantly surprised that the slate was a reused material from the designer's own roof.
And the last photo was not so much a favorite, I actually didn't bother writing it down because their were so many at SIDIM... dare I say we might have reached saturation point on all this vertical garden business? Although if anyone needs a little indoor greenery I'm sure it would be those with a very cold winter a la Montréal. 

The container units were fun to see as another way to hold exhibitors but I would have loved to see it be a presentation of modular housing instead. What do you think? 

I really loved the inventive pieces by Porcelaines Bousquet. I could really see these in several of the restaurants in town. Thyme flavored Fritz in those cones with some aioli on the side. mmm

And Tati B's charming girls won my heart almost immediately. Couldn't you just see them at any of the little sweet shops popping up all over town? Especially Miette or maybe even the Candystore?  Someone please throw a cupcake party I want to see Tati B's china populated with sweet treats!


cvanlang said...

I like your illustration header.

Lushe said...

Just out of interest, do you know who made the vertical garden.


blonde on blonde said...

love the molo installation! so beautiful and strange.


K said...

Thanks Cvan I drew it from the view up here on Potrero Hill.

Lushe, there were at least 3 or 4 exhibitors with similar types of vertical gardens but when I looked up the exhibitors in the catalog I only found one... Vertuose Design Végétal. Hope that helps.

And thanks blonde on blonde

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