Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SIDIM - Part Trois

And for the final post on SIDIM we have A.J a duo who works in ceramics and glass to create quite a stunning contrast. I could surely see their offerings at Rare Device or perhaps the SFMOMA. Couldn't you?

Bleu Nature who you might be familiar with showcased some new stools/side tables of raw wood encased in resin. 

Broullte light fixtures are constructed with Concrete bases and hand painted or handstiched shades. Nothing jawdroppingly new but beguiling and warm. It was also great to see them in a few shops around town.

And finally Couper Croiser. I was debating whether to include them mostly because the carpets are made with vinyl... a somewhat  dirty word here in California. But their designs were playful and well thought out. They were also seemed very accommodating to any project you might throw at them and you can see evidence of this on their site

Overall a delightful show, although word on the street was it was a bit thin this year. If that is so I look forward to seeing how following years compare. Have any of you been to SIDIM? What did you think? Were you a designer that exhibited? How did you do? And for those of you in the know would you say that SIDIM is a good measure of designers from Canada and Montreal?

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