Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick (swim) detour

Forgive me for this quick detour... since I don't normally include such items as skimpy things one might wear poolside or romping around sandy dunes but I had such a great experience with Malia Mills swimwear I had to share.

(warning expletive filled rant, so if your sensitive I warned you)
First lets expound on the indecencies of most swimwear in general. Why does everyone sell them in S,M,L? My measurements do not comprehend S,M,L? Why do the majority of outlets still sell the tops and bottoms together? How many women do you know who's ass measures the same as her bust?!! I read somewhere recently that only 8% of women fall into that hourglass shape, a whole whopping 8%! And if we all buy different bra sizes why in the hell can we not order different bathing suit sizes. And finally why does every shop carry their special sizes (anything that falls out of the range of s,m,l) only online??!!! (Also, J Crew why do your special sizes colors not match any of your bottoms except for black?) Don't you think that the special sizes need to try on their suits too? Probably more so than the very very lucky ladies that fall into the s,m,l range.

So to top off my bathing suit predicament I'm also a bit on the picky side. Who knew right? A designer who is picky and wants a suit that is stylish? I hadn't bought a new bathing suit in 8 years, but I was loving all the the retro suits coming out right now and knew I was going to have to dive in to all this madness. That meant that I was more than likely going to have to order a whole shit-ton of suits have them sent to my house and try them all on as they randomly arrive at different times and then pay to have them all sent back. Argh! As if this process wasn't hard enough I would basically have to pay to try the suits on. That is until I found out that Malia Mills was across the bay. Yea!

(Now back to the nice, cute and cuddly parts)

They are on the expensive side but how often do you buy a suit? If you don't have a shop near you they have a size specialist so you can order online. Sarah, of the Larkspur Landing Store, graciously assisted me with several styles, colors, and sizes and researched sizes they didn't have in the shop. It was by far the smoothest, easiest bathing suit shopping experience I have ever experienced. I walked out with a high-waisted two piece I will be proudly wearing for years to come. And perhaps if the economy continues to improve it won't be another 8 years until I purchase another suit. I doubt I'll be shopping anywhere else again. Just one itty bitty complaint, finding the shop was a bit difficult coming from the city.

*photos above are of the Larkspur Landing shop.

1 comment:

blonde on blonde said...

i know how you feel, i'm thinking of a one piece this year!

(looks like a cute store btw)

come visit us soon!


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