Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pin It Forward

The lovely Victoria of SFgirlbybay has arranged a massive collective of bloggers to participate in Pin it Forward. A little way to connect us all while sharing what Home Means to Me (or you or you or you) I think I'd rather think of it as daydream wishes of home. Above are some of the images I've collected but if you would like to see more just head right over here. Also in the spirit of the name there is a blogger behind me and one just in front have a look see at what Home means to them. 

How about all of you? Are there inherent characteristics to Home? Is home where you are currently or where you grew up? Is it important to be surrounded by items that bring up memories and good thoughts? Or is it something more austere and ephemeral? Is it a structure that houses you or the people in your life that make it home to you? Or both? I find this an incredibly difficult question to answer for Home can be so many things.  This was also one of the first assignments I had in architecture school. 

For me it doesn't have to be large, just big enough for
A Kitchen that functions well so you can nourish your loved ones
A place where you can create, read and well...nourish your mind and your soul
A place where you keep your Mister close
A place to invite friends
A place to be surrounded by greenery, sunshine, and fresh air
A place to be reminded of those memories, yours, and those that came before you
A place to fill with pieces that speak to you, poetry, a chair you love to read in, a desk to write letters 
A place filled with textures and color
I've also moved quite a bit in my life so home is where I am now. 

Pinterest is an interesting tool to collect these images... and a much easier way to organize your thoughts and finds since it is a visual tool. I have just one minor complaint. I think its great to use with blogs but I often want to pin images directly from others portfolios and it seems Pininterest doesn't recognize all image types and while I understand that its difficult to grab images from flash sites what about the others? 

p.s. Sorry, I dropped the ball on this one... I had in my mind that my Pin it Forward date was Tuesday the 7th... and as I've just realized as I wrote this it's Tuesday the 8th. Whoops ;0


sfgirlbybay said...

this is awesome, kelly! love these images! :)

K said...

Yea so glad you like it Victoria!

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