Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get in my closet!

I just adore Stephanie's (of even*cleveland) imaginary outfits. They are perfectly to the tee the wardrobe I wish existed in my closet! And wouldn't she be the very best friend to have over before you go on a trip. I am the worst packer... I fret through the whole process that I'll be missing that key piece, when what actually ends up happening is that I'm just carrying around way too much and I don't sleep the night before. It's the shoes that get me everytime. What about you? Do you carry your whole closet or are you very disciplined and methodical about your packing routine? 

Good God that top ensemble is killing me...


soon lee said...

liking the second set!

ashley said...

can these find their way into my closet too?? specifically that first set!
I guess I am a pretty good packer... my man always makes me go through his clothes before we travel and I always end up vetoing half. He brings enough for an entire week for a weekend trip! I always pack in the last few minutes before running out of the house, neither disciplined or methodical ;)

xox ashley

Lauren said...

Love that purse and the blue dress!


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