Thursday, June 24, 2010


Of course I had to venture into touristy locales... but hey they are architecturally significant touristy locales. So here we have the Biosphere, uh not the Biodome. Montréalers how did you end with two Bio's. I loved the story from my co-worker Martine who is from Montréal. She told me the Biosphere reminds her of high school days when it was still closed from the fire and everyone would climb into it and hang out illegally. Sounds like a very teenagery thing to do no? (yes I'm aware I'm making up many words here) But I love how a story or memory imbues a place with meaning.

The one thing I would have loved to have seen (since it is an environmental museum of sorts) is rooftop gardens on all of those overlapping steel platforms. Wouldn't you?

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