Monday, June 28, 2010

au revoir Montréal

What is traveling without a little place to stop and share old stories, have a glass of wine and a little something to warm your belly. L'Express is the perfect place to do so. It reminds me of of those classic places we all fall in love with. The service was friendly and helpful, the food well presented and delightful. I adore the oh so simple and elegant light fixtures. Thank-you Viviana for a lovely afternoon. xo

By the way, I did take in your suggestions and really tried to make it to Au Pied au Cochon but it seems it is one of those places... you know the ones, the ones that you have to make a reservation way over a month in advance and maybe even two months to get in to. C'est le vie... sigh

After our lovely late lunch we wondered right in to this sweet little tea shop. I'm not much of a tea drinker but I wanted to buy nearly every canister off of every dear shelf. Has anyone had this lovely tea? Is it as delicious as its packaging? 

 And a couple steps away was a darling little shop, Couleurs, that might have been VERY dangerous for me if I didn't live so very far away. The prices were unbelievable (in a good way) and there were so many dreamy items. I did however snap up some glassware for the Mister's birthday upon my return. His Birthday falls nearly on the day of my half birthday! 

Of course the very best part of the trip was meeting up and catching up with a dear dear friend. Love you Viv!


Michelle said...

Funny, I lived just around the corner from L'Express but never ate there. Next time! I'm a big tea drinker and love Kusmi's "Detox" - a blend of green, lemongrass and yerba mate. But I'm sure they're all amazing.

VividL said...

L'Express was wonderful. I have to go back for breakfast...I read positive reviews. I have yet to try the tea. I had a wonderful time with you, K. I have an idea of how we can keep in touch...We can send each other "petit urban packages." I am going to send you one first with assorted Montreal finds...postcards, pics. small objects etc...maybe we can limit package to 3 things at a time to make it more fun...not just any 3 things...truly unique discoveries. Once a month? email me your thought about this idea. Kys, kys...V

Anonymous said...

kusmi tea is the best, sdpecially sweet love, you just have to try it

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