Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So last minute I've been asked to represent my firm at the SIDIM. How exciting no? I've been to the ICFF and the Salon de Mobile but never the SIDIM. Is it similar? And... I've never been to Montreal so even though this is last minute please if you have any suggestions on architecture or lovely restaurants please, pray tell. I promise all the photos upon my return.


Kate said...

I loveee those first two photos. What amazing spaces. Can't advise you on anything Montreal though sorry!


jamie said...

ummm. what is sandwhiched there between the safdie? is it the biosphere? CAN I LIVE THERE?

{sorry, i have no suggestions. no aia for you?}

theue said...

i hope you shines.
that bio-dome is a dream abode.

soon lee said...

love the photos. we can't be of much help either - but we bet you'll do great there!

Michelle said...

Oh no! I think I'm too late.

Just in case: eat at Au Pied de Cochon, les Chocolats de Chloe, Fuchsia, Schwartz's, Cocoa Locale, l'Avenue, La Banquise (if you go nowhere else, go here for poutine) and Bottega (and for more, check out the amazing food guide on An Endless banquet: http://endlessbanquet.blogspot.com/). Try the beers at Brutopia, too.

Also wander up and down Saint Laurent, say hello to the allosaurus inside the museum on McGill campus, climb out Mount Royale. Have fun!

no idols said...

Hi there!

I love your blog, and I happen to be a happy inhabitant of beautiful Montreal. The summer is the perfect time to be visiting! I think you'll love your time here. Here are a few suggestions of places to check out:


Restaurant suggestions from the Toronto star:


Blogs/sites to check out:

Other than that, I definitely suggest you check out Vieux Montreal (aka Old Montreal/the Old Port) and Rue St Laurent, north of Rue Sherbrooke. Rue St Denis North of Rue Roy is also a great area to wander around. Finally, there's the Mile End neighbourhood, roughly sandwiched between St Laurent and Avenue to Parc to the East and West, and Bernard and Fairmount to the North and South. The world-famous (at least we like to think so!) bakeries St-Viateur Bagel and Fairmount Bagel can be found there... they're both open 24 hours, and always producing just-baked goodies: yum.

Have a great time! Feel free to email me if you need any more "specific" suggestions.

All the best,

K said...

Thanks everyone... Love your comments. I'll share everything soon!

A special thanks to Michelle and Carolyn... wish I had your tips in time but this was sooo last minute... I literally got the call, got my tickets and took off. And Carolyn there seems no way for me to reach you as your info is limited on your blogger page, perhaps you could forward me that info.

Either way I think this is a city I'll be visiting again. I had a great time so perhaps I can keep your thoughts on file.

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