Sunday, May 9, 2010


Are you a list maker?

I try to be but I'm not always so successful. It usually goes something like this... make a list cross a few things off, lose list. Make another list cross a few things off, lose list, Make another list... well you see where this is going.
I was cleaning up some paperwork and bills the other day and I found about 6 lists. Yikes! Perhaps if I make illustrated lists or analyzed charts (like above) my lists might be more effective.

I've recently added my lists to my phone, but I'm not sure this is going to work either, besides its not as fun to just erase things from a list its much more satisfying to cross things off. Do you have an effective method? Please do tell!

These magnificent lists above are
Adolf Konrad Packing List
Harry Bertoia “May-Self Rating Chart” School Assignment
Oscar Bluemner List of Works of Art

found via sight unseen
compiled by Liza Kerwin


jamie said...


it is such a long story how i even ended up reading such a dorky article, but i did, and was inspired to organize a mini pocket sized moleskin like this
. i hacked it a little, and made the sections more compatible to my needs. (ie adding a sketching section) it has worked out really well. the front is mostly lists. when one page is full (or most of the items have been crossed off) i move to the next page, and carry over things left to do. sometimes i make notes in my phone or on scraps or whatever (if the moleskin isnt handy), but usually end up carrying these things over. also, having reference in the back is really handy, so quick to flip to.

some weeks i use it religiously, others not so much. but i don't think that is such a big deal. like writing 6 different lists, thats ok. i think at least half of it is just getting it out of your head. if i don't write it down my head feels like it will explode or i will forget everything. of course that probably wont happen. so even if i don't follow the lists, making them is valuable in itself.

jesus, you want me to talk about this *any longer?* sorry. ;)

hey, harry bertoia. how cool.

K said...

Oh my!
Jaime your response had me in stitches. I'm going to have to read it again to digest it fully.

Wheardo said...

Oh MY god! I glad I am not the only one, I have a moleskine spcifically for lists, I tried consolidating a whole pile of yellow post-it notes that had accumulated over about 5 years into the book, then things got chaotic, things repeated so much I can just go through it and find the same thing written about 5 times, but it means I get to cross stuff off more frequently, which is always very setisfying.
such a saddo.
Flipping LOVE the hack, I'm so on it.
Man if only my lists were as beautiful as the ones in those pictures I'd never cross anything off!

Celia said...

LISTS: one of my new year's resolutions since 1993. :/

K said...

love everyones responses... apparently I'm not the only one.

katrin said...

wow, lovely post. makes me want to make a list right now

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