Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Escher Gunewardena

I just returned from a stellar long weekend in Los Angeles. The weather was perfect and WARM! Since our new car purchase (Honda Hybrid) we are finally free to roam and ol'girl (geo prizm) will remain a city girl to the end of her days.

A trip to see my belle-mére ( so much nicer than mother-in-law don't you think) and a couple friends and some of my old professors. Frank and Ravi two superbly talented architects who's work you see above were oh so kind to take some time out to chat and have lunch with me. Not only did I get a chance to peruse their offices and projects I got a chance to meet the whole team. Thanks to you both, for your support and encouragement and I enjoyed meeting everyone who works for you. Such a smart and friendly group!

-Restoration/remodel of the Chemosphere
-Pearson Trent Residence
-Sola Wright Residence
-Dwell Home II
-Gamine Salon

*All photos were sourced from their site to peruse more please go there.

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david john said...

hey that gamine salon is right by my house!

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