Thursday, April 15, 2010

sweater weather

Is it wrong to really want this sweater? It's pretty much sweater weather year round here. Can anyone make one of these for me? Just one request, can you make the valley fall between my breasts? Ohhh jeez do all the posts have to be serious?!!

How to get shot by the Selby? yes please!
And Banksy's "Exit Throught The Gift Shop' premier is this Friday
A fun collaboration. both via here.
A video for those of you who say you don't like Modern and for those of us who do for solidarity. via hfha
And an amazing table.

Sweater found at Wary Meyers.


jamie said...

if i ever had any linger desires about ever moving to the bay area, you just sealed em up tight. year your sweater weather? no thanks!

K said...

yea it's not for everyone... and in the summers you have to make weekend trips to get out of the cold. Or I do at least.

Celia said...

i'm sorry, but i can't stop laughing at the thought of rolling hills/mountains across the bust line. maybe if i had smaller boobs, i wouldn't find it as funny? GOD, why can't i just have smaller boobs?!

anywho, sunny and somewhat toasty in oakland. i'm going to give shorts a shot today...

ashley said...

this sweater is hiliarious. and amazing.
regarding the year round sweater weather... one thing i love about san francisco is any day the sun is shining and the temperatures are above 65 everyone is sun bathing in the parks. 65 is a not so nice day everywhere else, but in the city every nice day is appreciated. I like that.
Coming from california's central coast where every day is beautiful and 75, they think the world is ending when the sun is not shining. i would much rather focus on enjoying those special good weather days than the bad.
does that even make sense? have NOT had enough coffee this morning. but love your blog, btw.
xo ashley

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