Thursday, April 22, 2010

Public Finds

Going to the public library for work is a curse and a blessing. The latter half of that statement are the photos that you see above. When putting together a historical report on a property, a duty that is becoming more and more prevalent, researching each and every person that has ever lived there is part and parcel of that research. The public directories (a precursor to the phonebook) is where you can look up all the names you have gathered from the Assessors office. It's a small peek into the past, not just because they list the names of the all the individuals in the city and what they do (it is so fun to peruse, what exactly is a helper? Is that a job? and many pursuits are all but extinct, corsetière anyone?) but all the advertisements are really delightful. Look at that type! on the spine, on the (whats the other side of the book called?), nearly everywhere. And who knew that Pabst Blue Ribbon actually had a REAL blue ribbon.

p.s. last time I was at the library I discovered these. And someone else made them into a book!  I cannot find this book on the interwebs anywhere at the moment but it was showcased in issue 3 of Uppercase.


ashley said...

These look so cool! At first glance I thought it was an art exhibit at the library. Personally I love the library, especially when you have the time to just wander around aimlessly and see what you discover.

naomi said...

I used to live directly across the alley from that old prosthetics factory on the corner of 7th and Market in SF. It was a long abandoned building but there were all these plastic legs and parts on the roof that I used to look longingly at but couldn't get to. I loved that place! Thanks for posting.....

K said...

Naomi what a cool tidbit/memory. Thanks for sharing. I would have wanted to get in on the loot too. I definitely have a fascination with artificial limbs.

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