Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love thy Neighbor?

Starbucks has finally decided to undertake a design/brand upgrade. Hoorah! They are making an effort to create a brand which is not modeled on the fast food model but the original coffee shop model. They have finally understood that perhaps absorbing all that corner real estate wasn't making people (in those neighborhoods) all too happy. So, they are taking an approach that helps them blend into the neighborhoods they inhabit. This is a common and neighborly thing to do, not to mention,  just good business.

Except in an effort to be "conscious of their surroundings" they have consciously ripped of their neighbor's designs. And while you might argue that coffee shops don't have a patent on big comfy sofa's, reclaimed wood and industrial light fixtures surely they could come up with their own inspiration. Sheesh!

So I think perhaps I'll bring up, in the next few posts, some companies that have created their brand/image/personality in a healthy, sustainable, good neighborly way.  Suggestions are welcome.

Brought to my attention via 2thewalls (thanks!) More comparison photos over there.
Original article and photos in tmagazine.

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