Friday, January 22, 2010

On the hunt

I've been wanting to design my own table for some time but I have yet to come across the found/reclaimed piece that inspires me to transform it. Perhaps this is not a very good excuse but it sure would be nice to be able to fit more than me and the mister at the table. So this is the beginnings of the hunt... Tables are top to bottom left to right.

1. unknown (if you know please let me know)
2. unknown

3. henrybuilt
4. CB2
5. unknown
6. Ohio design
7. unknown
8. flat project
9. The Brick House


Anonymous said...

I think that #8 may be artist/sculptor alma allen -see

K said...

Thanks Anon... I'll investigate.

maura kelly doyle said...

#8 is part of the 'flat project' by Jo Nagasaka and Shuhei Nakamura. you can read a little bit about it here... :)

K said...

Thanks Maura! Perhaps I will find a way of just designing my own.

davidleepierce said...

Hello K. With the OHIO table (walnut with white shown) You CAN design your own. We will make it any size and any color base and top for you. You can have the print furniture option as well for the surface if you like. The sky is the limit....or maybe it can be the design.

K said...

Oh thanks David...
I do know as I stopped in a few weeks ago to inquire...but I think you have struck something with the print furniture option. I definitely want to know more about this...I have visions of this amazing cabinet by Ceccotti

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