Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Best

Since Build Blog has been doing their Women in Architecture series I've been itching to share some of my favorite Women in the field. Perhaps I can even make this a weekly thing. Sounds like a good idea no? (I make no promises to this statement)

So this week its the lovely Barbara Bestor. These are some of my favorite pieces from her portfolio... well actually its really a small sampling but I can't possibly put up her entire website?! That is what a website is for after all.

What draws me to her work is the honesty in it, the simplicity, the COLOR, and the fun. What do you think? I was introduced to her work by some past professors of mine who are also quite talented and who's work I admire. Escher GuneWardena. You might also be familiar with her book which I highly recommend if not for the delicious neighborhood tour then at least for the enchanting illustrations but the combination of the two is what earned it a spot on my shelves.


Andrew said...

Love the theme! Looking forward to more of them. Bestor's work is impressive for it's cost effectiveness - not something discussed much on design blogs but it's the main ingredient of firms who actually get things built. Her work is very resourceful, clever and at the same time the spaces look fun to be in.

K said...

Cheers Andrew! Well it came from your direction. And if I've always internally asked Hey where are the women in this panel, top 10 list, round-up.... whatever it might be then I'm guessing there are others that are asking the same.

david john said...

nice posting. love her spaces....

Celia said...

that second photo is LOU in los angeles! i LOVE that place.

and i'm loving your blog too... it's all sorts of rad. and, and, and, jamie from A DESERT FETE is easily one of the coolest girls i know.


K said...

Oh yes I know. Thanks Celia!

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