Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Some images from our short trip to Monterey & Carmel. Neither of us had ever been to the Aquarium and I chose a short trip for my Birthday this year... I enjoy them oh so much more then a celebration all about me.

Can I also say my friend Nancy hooked it up per usual. If anyone at all needs a serious travel agent have a talk with Nancy. (Nancy (at)
extramiletravel (dot) net) Sure most everything you can book online these days but do you really know what you are going to get when you arrive? She made sure we were in the sunniest part of Maui when it rained everywhere else on the island. (the entire time we were there!) She steered us toward a lovely bed and breakfast on The Cape that didn't make me cringe from the cuteness of it all nor did it give me allergies, and in Monterey she had us upgraded to the best room in the whole hotel with champagne upon arrival and those unobstructed blue sea views above are from our room.

p.s. Does anyone know anything about that barrel-vaulted house? I can't find anything on the www.

p.p.s. That squirrel standing up to my Mister just kills me.... what is he saying with that posture?


Jen Hunter said...

what is he saying with that posture?

"gimme nuts!"

K said...

Actually I think you are correct... but I love that it looks like a stand-off between the two.

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