Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A friend of mine who is a stylist just told me that they are set to win the account of Hussein Chayalan. I couldn't be more excited for her. His S/S 07 show will be forever seared in my mind. Thanks to Wallpaper I found a full version of the show. Although it's a bit big. I'm not sure how to resize it. Anyone? Also it takes a bit to load so I would push play and then pause and come back to it. But perhaps you would like to watch it full screen on his website.

I would also add that Hussein is not just beloved in the fashion realm, his experimentation, use of technology, and structural pieces are admired throughout the design world. And if you have a few more moments to spare check out this video on his work.

And on a side note on what women want... "Women want to be Swedish" hmm maybe not Swedish but yes we want everything that Swedish women have. Why is that so difficult to understand? !?!

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david john said...

hey k!

im not so sure about those noose lamps either, but, they did make the perfect pairing with the harold and maude posting.... i think they would be a bit too dreadful to hang. almost trying to hard.


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