Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brasil Brasil

While trying to gather my work together I thought it might be a good idea to include some of my illustrations as well. As I began going through old sketch books I didn't realize how many were from our trip to Brazil a couple of years ago. I could use another trip like that in the not too distant future. Especially when I feel like I'm suffering from inertia.

Update: Oh yes of course Lindsay I can explain the above locations...

The top left is the Pain de Sucre aka Sugarloaf
The top right is a collage of the gorgeous sidewalks (some designed by Burle Marx), the favelas toppling into the downtown streets, and the large amazonion seed pods. (They are amazingly huge)

The middles two are in the courtyard of the Instituto Moreira Salles. A modern home turned into an art gallery. Its maddeningly difficult to find anything on the architecture... even in the book shop there was nothing and you aren't allowed to photograph the property. The image on the left is the pool house and the right is looking into the courtyard of the house next to the fountain. The architect was Olavo Redig de Campos and Burle Marx designed the fountains, gardens and perhaps the pool house as well.

And the bottom two are in Brasilia. Old Niemeyer on the left, the Palace of Justice, and new Niemeyer on the right, the new National Library.


Lindsay said...

These are fantastic sketches! I'd love to know what all of these are...

K said...

Thanks Lindsay!

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