Friday, October 30, 2009

Finn Juhl and a Gentleman

What do my sketches above have to do with the Finn Juhl images below? Just a lovely memory I have of the day I was sketching it. I was sitting on a stoop finishing my drawing assignment when I was interrupted by a lovely elderly gentleman on his bike. I was sitting on his stoop. He asked what I was doing and I explained myself, that I was finishing a drawing assignment for school. He quickly mentioned that he had also wanted to become an architect but that he wasn't able to get into the school so he became a lawyer instead. I guess that response should have raised some questions immediately but he was very charming and invited me in for tea and to see his home built in the 1600's. I really couldn't say no. I think if I had been anywhere else in the world besides Denmark I would never have entered this man's home but it felt right. And while I barely remember his home besides it being filled with books I do remember the conversation.

He spoke of knowing Finn Juhl's widow very well and that if I liked he could arrange for me to see the house. Thinking back I have no idea why I didn't take him up on this offer. But in my defense I was saturated with architecturally significant visits through school.

Hopefully though I'll now be able to see it the next time I travel back to Denmark since it was since been turned into a museum. And until then these beautiful photos will have to suffice.

I'd also like to mention the one thing that stands out for me with Finn Juhl's work is that he tried to complete his house through designing every piece from the forks and knives to that beautiful, lovely, enchanting sofa. (Yes I covet one) What a wonderful challenge to put to oneself. hmmmm

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jamie said...

oh i love his furniture so, so, so much.

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