Friday, August 14, 2009

Restoring the Faith

I had a pretty great thing happen to me on Monday so I thought I would share. I was out for coffee and cake with my father Sunday night and afterwards we decided to walk to Washington Square Park to sit and chat some more.

Apparently we got up to leave and I left my handbag behind on the park bench. I got a phone call from my Boss early Monday morning saying that Roger had my purse. What??!!! Who's Roger and where is my handbag... a quick search and I realized it was gone. It seems another gentleman found my bag, doesn't speak english, (as he is a new immigrant from China) and contacted his friend Roger to call me. Wow! I went to retrieve it and everything was there and he wouldn't accept anything from me. Can you believe it?! So these flowers are for him. Wow! I'm still in awe.

top photo by yellowbird
bottom photo unknown (If someone else knows so I might give credit)


soon lee said...

this is sweet. lucky you! how did mad men turn out for you?

Miche said...

i have a page in one of my notebooks where i write down good things like this that have happened to me. even just small's corny, but i like to look at it sometimes.

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