Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julius Schulman

I am so Thankful that I got a chance to meet Julius a couple of times. He gave a presentation or two at our school. He was always charming and full of life. And I loved that we would be looking through his slide show of famous case study houses and about every third picture or so there would be a photo of a woman walking away in a bikini. Ha! It seems the lensman got distracted from time to time.

Well I just came across design and architecture's tribute to Julius and it was heart warming and dear. I really suggest you take a moment for a listen.

Thank-you dear Victoria of sfgirlbybay for all your kind words and support.

And as for you AMC I am pissed that the last two days you are completely out of commission. How are people are supposed to vote if they can't even get on the site? And don't give me that maintenance bull!


Lil said...

There is a film documentary about this guy (Visual Acoustics: the modernism of Julius Shulman)...it is showing at the International Film Festival here in Christchurch, and methinks I will now head along.... Lil.

K said...

Oh yes I think I've heard of it. Please let me know what you think.

Stingray said...

i picked up a used copy of his book 'modernism rediscovered' recently, let me know if you'd like to borrow..

K said...

Oh thanks Sasha? Jeff? I do have this one as well.

david john said...

so lucky that you met him. what a talent... thanks for this posting...

happy weekend,

david john

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