Friday, July 31, 2009

I Need Your Vote!

Whats that Dear?

Mad Men I'm up there on their site but you've got to vote.

Of Course Darling where? Oh where?

Right Here.

Once a day now until the 11th of August. Come on I need your help. 5 stars please.


P.S. The chair was my Mother in Law's before she gave it to My Mister. Her Mister bought it for her and even special ordered the color of leather.


debi van zyl said...

i love this! great photo.... I'm voting now. I have to admit that I haven't seen the show (no TV, but have heard about amazing sets) and I think maybe you need a martini? Who doesn't, right?

p.s. thanks for the architect's newspaper 'shout out'... it's so funny to me how much the beasts were featured in the article. love it.

vic said...

I voted! You're beautiful!

simplyolive said...

i voted...2X so far!

you look gorgeous!!

ps: loving the new format.

K said...

Yea thanks everyone! Campaigning for yourself is no joke.

Michelle Linden said...

Love the photo!

I voted...

Rachel said...

Enjoy your site. thank you.

K said...

Thanks Rachel, and Michelle

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