Monday, July 6, 2009

Days of Yore

I know these images are off topic but I've always loved Kate, and this photo reminds me of something my Grandmother said to me once, when we were discussing My Mister and his job. She insisted there should be a dinner where I would be invited for surely my presence with the boss would make a good impression and secure his position or enable a raise or something.... actually I'm not sure what she was alluding to but it did make me giggle inside. She has a tendency to push the get married and all your problems will be solved theory. Although I will also say she pushed me into the Doctor/Lawyer fields as well when I was going for Biology and somehow ended up in Architecture. Go Figure!?

I do bizarrely enough long for days of yore. (Huge fan of Mad Men here) But all that 'women as second class' business I'm sure wouldn't sit well with me. But what I do miss is that before the late 60's and 70's people actually tried to look nice and put together, whether rich or poor. I miss this sort of formality.

I really so despise tracks suits as everyday wear (hello juicy), pajamas on the plane (Are you f***ing kidding me people) and your typical shorts and t-shirts are just plain unacceptable, that is of course unless you pair those shorts and t-shirt, with a gold bracelet, wedges, and a scarf, and perhaps some lovely earrings.

photo via Ms. Muse

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