Friday, May 8, 2009

Play Space

We might be awarded (fingers crossed) a commission to do an indoor playspace. One of the owner/proprietors of the proposed space saw Frjtz and gave us a call.

This is of course exciting on many levels but one is that Frjtz was one of the first projects I was given creative control of and two... It's a kids playspace! I really don't know what could be a more delightful assignment to be presented with.

As I was perusing through very very beautiful (a blog from a creative collective in Italy) I came across quite a few fun environments that offer quite a twist on the typical. None are kids spaces but all show a kid like enthusiasm for fun! And I'm staunch proponent of fun.

from the top...
Vilasofa by Tjep
A temporary shop for Tracy Neuls
Phat Knits by Bauke Knottnerus

And finally Ogilvy & Mather's office space by M Moser Associates


debi van zyl said...

these are amazing! thanks for the links... totally inspiring. fingers crossed for you and the commission.

K said...

Thanks debi


we are very glad to see us on your blog..
thanks a lot
onthetable staff

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