Tuesday, May 19, 2009


One of the grea
t things about my job is getting to meet and collaborate with all the people that have a part in pulling a place together. Obviously not all those relationships are grand but a good majority are very talented and creative folk. The kind of folk you want to know.

Recently a client commissioned artwork in the spirit and concept of the space we are designing for them. Aeschleah was the photographer chosen by the artist (artist profile coming up) to do the portraits. I got to sit in and see it come together, which was a supernal experience since the imagery being created stemmed from the imagery we presented to the client, Colin O'Malley and Leilani Brennan for Eve Lounge.

I won't share the the projec
t photos (just yet, but soon soon) but here is some of her other work. And you can see more here and here. The first two are her and her man. The second two are... (what would you call these?) pre-babe shots? With child seems a bit too precious.... prego shots seems disrespectful... Help me out here. Couple in love shots + 1? Regardless they are gorgeous and so is she!

p.s. I love love love the holiday cards she has on flickr. Hilarious!

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