Friday, April 17, 2009

Ranch Dressing

Hello Hello... Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend last weekend. Our good friends invited us up to the Ranch House again. It is so so lovely up there.

The question on my mind before the drive is always what does one wear to the Ranch? Since I'm a city girl at heart this always seems to be a bit of a struggle. How does one dress sensibly without forgetting to bring a bit of style into the mix.

I know I know so silly, but I think you all know how much I love to play dress-up and just because it is 'the ranch' I'm not going to throw away an opportunity. I know I'm just doing the same things up there as I do in the city but who can resist dressing for the occasion;
eating, drawing, conversating, cooking, sitting around the fire (okay perhaps I don't do that in the city) and the occasional game of horseshoes and my personal favorite archery.
Its not like I'm feeding the pigs or bringing the cattle in in the evening. Still all the same it looks like Elvis knows. Although perhaps Skeet Shooting should be a new past time if thats the uniform for it.

What are you doing this spring weekend kittens?

photo via reference library
, Hollister Hovey

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