Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thought I'd share a few art pieces I've finally gotten up on the walls around the house. Here are Ashley G's famous bearded men that I just adore... in the hallway. I purchased them over a year ago so its especially nice to see their faces on a daily basis.

Another lovely art piece me and the Mister were admiring from afar... We loved it but felt the price was a just a bit much for the size of the piece and the fact we had no idea who the artist was. So we finally asked about the price and bargained a little bit and the lovely box of clorox came home with us. Its hard to see from here but the matting is actually cut to trace the artwork. so good! Found at Farnsworth.

And lastly I love going to the openings at White Walls and the Shooting Gallery. There is always a scene and the people watching is stellar.... not to mention the artwork always kicks my ass. Unfortunately it almost always falls far far far from what my budget can handle. But on this particular engagement the artist 'curve one' had these paint cans carved from wood expertly displayed on these old bricks. The brick wasn't part of the purchase but when I asked the artist threw it for free! In the hall we found a place where the wainscot stopped and lined the brick up with it... and who could resist a wooden pair of brass knuckles from the Curiosity Shoppe.

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