Thursday, March 26, 2009

Experiments in Felt

They are here finally here. Whoo hoo... the gorgeous seat covers for my 'paper' chairs. Of course they are beautiful on their own but the human body can be beautiful on its own and we don't walk around naked. (Well there might be other reasons for that)

I contacted the ever talented Ashley to co-create these pieces with me. Don't get me wrong she did all the hard labor and sourcing because well.. what do I know about making felt but I sketched out some ideas and we came up with these shapes that both speak to the material they were made of and the material they would be contrasting with. The wool is fully organic and from a great source. Ashley wouldn't have done it any other way. (p.s. she's got great sartorial style as well)

I fell in love with Piero Lissoni's designs while working at Limn. I originally fell for the 'frog' chairs... but alas they were out of my budget even with the discount. Then one eventful day these beauties came in the door and were on the the floor and I pounced.


Lil and Matt said...

I love these, they look great. And I loved what I saw of your city last week, just a shame we didn't have more time for exploring - we're going to have to return at some point!

simplyolive said...

these are awesome!!

K said...

thanks you two!

ashley said...

kelly! love your photos! they look great :) thanks so much for contacting me to do the covers, what a fun collaboration!

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