Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cafe Racer

As much as I love riding my bicycle I am getting awfully tired of climbing up 'The Hill' day in and day out.

The other day I saw this stylish gentleman on what the boys in the office informed me was a 'cafe-racer' . I thought now that is a bike I could ride.... just one problem. I hear they are awfully difficult to maneuver. Aren't there any other Bikes out there that are just as stylish but an easy ride?

I am not into the crotch rockets yuck! And nope not a Harley either. And a Scooter seems alright in Italy but not here. It seems all bikes are really styled for boys no? The photo above I found here.

What I love about them is the low handlebars and more petite frame. Like it would be a sweet easy ride around a small city like mine and I wouldn't have to sacrifice my sartorial habits to ride it. Any thoughts?


justin said...

Oh I know, cafe racers are awesome. I definitely want one, but they have to be built from older motorbikes.

K said...

Oh yes apparently there is one place that builds them on the backside of the hill here... I would love to do it but... again I hear they are a bit much to handle... although my first car was a crazy vw superbeetle that my boyfriend at the time couldn't even get a handle on.

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