Saturday, November 22, 2008

Forest Chair

This chair would have been absolutely perfect for a project we just finished. I promise there will be pictures soon. The forest chair is by Janus et Cie.


Jo Bradford said...

Awesome piece!!

K said...

I know isn't it just lovely!

jordan said...

I hate it! Light through trees should only be figurative and impressionistic. Light through trees as in "forest chair" is not light through trees it is a symbol of light through trees on the wrong scale.

This is light through trees:

so is this:

Forest chair is stick figures. In my opinion.

K said...

Hello Jordan,

Although I welcome a dissenting comment here and there I would appreciate if your argument for 'hating it' were a bit more intelligently and eloquently defended.

Besides the fact that your argument has many holes (Are you calling every artist, writer or creative type who has ever taken inspiration from nature a fraud?)there is another person on the other end of your rant.

ghost chair said...

inspiration from nature is, in my opinion, one of the best sources! love the chair!

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