Friday, July 11, 2008

Tying one on

I've been wanting to post about this since I first read about it a couple of months ago in metropolis but well time has been eluding me...

With wedding on the brain (city hall 08.08.08 already our anniversary date soon to be 'the anniversary') and being a designer myself (as is Mr. J) this was a story of fairy tales come true.

Sure the couple in front of you is charming and radiant especially with that beautiful babe they are holding but they are a couple of incredible luck if not a very well connected duo.

Ulla-Maaria Mutanen and Jyri Engestrom's (I love their impossible Finnish names) wedding was orchestrated by a team of designers who had attended the Alvar Aalto design seminar. Dai Fujiwara, creative director of Issey Miyake was determined to create a wedding with a seven member panel of designers based on the phrase...
"It's a beautiful day."

After the success of the event Fujiwara felt it would be supernal to pass this on to another group of designers to reinterpret this phrase with another couple.

And let me tell you after all the ideas that are running through ... er uh... running away with my head I would gladly surrender to a the next group of designers. As a creative person the chance to create such an event is not just a page out of Cinderella but the chance to create an environment of ephemera and beauty on a deeply personal level.
Its just that for most, the time and money this would take to achieve floats up there in the atmosphere.

To read more about their wedding go here.


UNIFORM Studio said...

just incredible.

lottie said...

i loved this. i tracked down a magazine in which it was published and will always treasure the cuttings. such possibility.

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